Environmental Engineering and Compliance Services

Coury Science and Engineering can provide temporary or long term on-site support to assist facilities with daily operations including preparation and/or review of compliance reports, permitting requirements, project management, internal audits, plan development and assistance with routine environmental, health and safety performance including training personnel to ensure compliance with environmental programs.

Coury Science and Engineering's team of professionals have extensive experience in environmental compliance management and provide our clients with insight into meeting their regulatory requirements.

Environmental Permitting

  • Air permitting (Title V, PSD, Synthetic minor)
  • NPDES permitting (stormwater and wastewater)

Environmental Plan Development

  • SPCC plans
  • RCRA hazardous waste contingency plans
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • DOT site security plans
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring plans

Environmental Audit Support

  • ​Air
  • Water
  • Waste
  • DOT
  • Emergency Planning 

​​Environmental On-Site Compliance Support

  • Staff augmentation / Temporary Environmental Manager Role
  • Regulatory Assessment / Assistance
  • Environmental Training
  • Project Management
  • Permitting and Reporting


  • AERMOD (NAAQS, Air Toxics)
  • Water9
  • NOAA Hysplit
  • ​ALOHA
  • ​RMP* Comp

​​Environmental Reporting

  • Annual Compliance Certification
  • Title V annual emissions inventories
  • MACT, GACT, Title V semiannual reporting
  • 114 requests
  • Greenhouse gas reporting
  • Toxic Release Inventory reporting
  • SARA Tier II chemical inventory reporting
  • FIFRA annual reporting
  • RCRA biennial reporting
  • EPCRA/CERCLA reportable quantity reporting
  • EPA’s Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT) stack test data entry and file submittal via CEDRI
  • EPA’s Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT) stack test data QA/QC review

Technical Services

  • ​Environmental Research
  • Impact Analysis
  • Data Analysis/Compilation/Reporting
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Accidental release calculations
  • Complex emissions calculations
  • Regulatory guidance
  • ​LDAR Theoretical Response Factor Determination